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Where Fitness Meets Spa

By: Simon Van Booy
Posted: June 13, 2008

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In the fiercely competitive Manhattan market, exactly how have both Exhale and the New York Health & Racquet Club managed to maintain such groundbreaking levels of success?

“We’ve achieved success because we delivered on our promises,” says Bodnar. “We don’t oversell our services—we tell clients exactly what they will get and then make sure that the product satisfies. No detail can be neglected—from the cleanliness of the facility to the attitude of the staff.”

The club’s team of professionals is always looking for the next trend, which Bodnar believes keeps the work experience new and interesting for them, as well as the clientele. “It’s not difficult to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ because we are the Joneses. We usually are on the cutting edge with the latest of everything,” Bodnar continues.

According to Sutton, through “great people, as well as a maniacal focus on the brand and what it represents to our clientele,” Exhale has been able to maintain its success in a competitive environment. “I find it easy to keep up with the changes in the industry as long as we keep our eyes open and embrace change,” she says. “You need to remain very involved by talking with your clients and seeing what they are seeking. One of our Exhale mantras is that we constantly are evolving, and we embrace change.”

Although many industry professionals may be considering the option of incorporating fitness or spa treatments into their businesses, for the team at Exhale, fitness was always part of the brand. “The team comes with specific knowledge in both the fitness and spa fields. One does not work without the other,” says Sutton. “It is truly a perfect marriage between our exercise classes and spa services. They are both about results.”