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Where Fitness Meets Spa

By: Simon Van Booy
Posted: June 13, 2008

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The New York Health & Racquet Club boasts 10 locations in the New York City area, all offering saunas, steam rooms and whirlpools. In addition, all but one has a swimming pool, which enables personal trainers to guide clients in the water, and poolside eucalyptus saunas are offered at several locations.

Treatments and services

The environment at Exhale helps to enhance its treatments, as clients enter classes through a 100-year-old Indonesian wood door. Exhale’s unique healing spa services include an Acu-organ Detox treatment, which, according to Sutton, combines vibrational therapy, acupuncture and herbs to promote detoxification. “We also offer high-tech results-oriented facial therapies with a holistic touch,” she adds.

Another of Exhale’s cutting-edge treatments is the Neck and Décolleté Facial, which works on the premise that the neck ages seven years faster than the face. This specific therapy is designed to help slow the signs of aging, and utilizes a purifying and nutrient-rich enzyme peel designed to leave the complexion luminous. Exhale’s Core Fusion classes also are immensely popular and have garnered press attention. “Core Fusion gets results at any level,” explains Sutton. “It is gender neutral, and both women and men love it.”

Although the New York Health & Racquet Club offers limited spa treatments, it features several different massage treatments, including shiatsu and Swedish massage, as well as more advanced therapy treatments, such as sports/rehab massage, deep tissue therapy, medical massage and hot stone therapy. “The sports/rehab massage is very popular because it really goes hand in hand with personal training,” Bodnar says. “We offer the advanced therapy massage because our clientele is so diverse. Everyone comes to a massage with a different goal in mind. They all want to relax, but they also want to rehabilitate an injury, work out a kink or revitalize their bodies. We firmly believe that it goes well with training and really completes the training session.”

The facility’s aqua classes also are popular, and Bodnar says that they give members a great opportunity to enjoy an excellent workout without the impact associated with a land-based class. “People with knee or hip problems are able to keep up with the rest of the class and leave pain free,” he notes.

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