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Top 10 NYC Wellness Trends for 2011 With Exclusive Commentary From Melisse Gelula

Posted: December 13, 2010

NOTE: Only on Exclusive spa-focused commentary by Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well+Good, follows this news item explaining which of these trends can be translated into your spa in order to meet your clients' fitness needs and open up a new revenue stream.

Editor's note: Well+Good unveils its list of the top 10 wellness trends for New York City for 2011. Even if your spa isn't located in New York, these trends will be coming to a town near you ... should you be the first one to offer them?

For its second annual trends report, Well+Good didn’t wait for epiphanies during savasana or consult our neighborhood psychic. It waded through the hundreds of interviews conducted in 2010 with New York City’s wellness experts and cognescenti, and evaluated what was fad and what was entering New York City’s wellness zeitgeist.

That’s tough to do in a city with a constant barrage of the new, where there are more practicing yogis than residents of Rhode Island; where coconut water is downed like, well, water; and where boutique fitness classes can command $35 a pop. Here are the 10 New York City wellness trends that you’ll see take off in 2011.

1. Barre obsession

White-hot barre workouts continue to multiply. Established NYC brands CoreFusion and Physique 57 have been joined by the Bar Method, the Nalini Method, Yoga- Works BarWorks, and, soon, an outpost of barre3. Gyms are jumping on board by adding barre classes to their schedules. We predict an all out barre brawl.

2. Vegan vogue and gluten-free for all