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Making Wellness a Win-Win

By: Debra Koerner
Posted: March 28, 2013, from the April 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Position your skin care facility as a strategic-wellness partner.

Position your skin care facility as a strategic-wellness partner.

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As leaders, it is important to eliminate incongruences in your internal (employee) and external (client) communications. It’s doubtful that Nike would ever consider partnering with a leading potato chip company on a health promotion. If you are in the business of well-being, you must make it your business to ensure everything you do supports this intention.

Your team is the backbone of your facility, so be sure to encourage their wellness first. Obviously, not all businesses can afford to build a new cafeteria or a state-of-the-art gym for team members to access, so optimize what you have.

One often-overlooked area you can start with is the break room. If an odd assemblage of dirty coffee cups, magazines from 2009, fat-laden snacks and a broken-down fridge filled with moldy-somethings sounds familiar, then you’ve got a juicy opportunity to enhance the space you already have.

Become strategic around your break room. This is where your skin care professionals go to recharge their batteries, so make sure it is clean, stocked with healthy snacks and that there is access to upbeat information. Transform the break room with the intention of incorporating a purposeful focus on health and well-being. Ideas to consider include the following.

  • Make healthy snacks available, and encourage healthy recipe sharing and sampling.
  • Detoxify by removing negative communications, clutter and chemicals.
  • Provide upbeat information regularly, including positive client comments, team awards, sales info and re-booking successes.
  • Keep the space clean and fresh-looking and -smelling.
  • Provide the latest research tips and articles in an education hub to help skin care professionals remain educated and confident about the services they are providing.
  • Create a one-a-day program during which an easy-to-incorporate health tip is encouraged and posted daily. Examples: “Today, drink four full glasses of water during work hours,” “Today, stretch for five minutes in between each treatment,” or “Today, eat a fresh fruit or vegetable as a snack.” The ideas should be easy and relatable.
  • Ask employees what they would like to see in the break room to enhance their well-being.

Be more strategic with incentives. Money is not the only motivator when you are managing skin care professionals. Instead, incentive programs keep morale up and bring a healthy dose of competition. Following are some healthy ideas.

  • Keep rewards healthy-minded by partnering with yoga studios, bookstores, farm-to-table restaurants, organic gardeners and others to help communicate your wellness intention. For example, bring in yoga pros to offer meditation and stretching classes weekly or monthly, or arrange for your facility to work with an organic farm co-op for fresh veggie deliveries weekly.
  • Encourage spa/skin care treatment swaps with spas and centers in your area. Several destination spas do employee swaps in order to share information and ideas. The trades are not only a great incentive for the personal well-being of therapists, they also present the opportunity to bring new ideas back to each spa.
  • Trade services internally. How many times have you heard employees say: “I have not had a massage/facial in three years?” Make services available and become proactive in making sure therapists are taking advantage of that benefit. Treatment trades are particularly important when adding new products and services.
  • Depending on your location, make bicycles or a stationary bike available to team members for riding around the area or for taking time for fitness in the break room.
  • If your facility offers fitness classes, allow therapists a special rate on classes and/or free classes ... or partner with a local gym.
  • Offer friend and family nights. These events could focus on the launch of a new product line. Allow bookings at special rates for friends and family, set up wellness stations and offer product giveaways.

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