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Happy New Year from Skin Inc. magazine!

Posted: December 30, 2009

Help fufill all your resolutions this year by clearing your head with these tips from meditation instructor Sarah McLean.

New Year's can be a hectic time full of resolutions and plans, both personal and professional. Make sure you are taking the time to do things right following these tips by meditation instructor Sarah McLean.

Become more self-aware

Somehow we make this complicated, but it’s simple. How do you feel right now? When faced with a choice, pay attention to yourself and notice your body’s signals of comfort and discomfort. Discover how to live with integrity. Say "no" when you mean no to things/people/events that are stressful. And say “yes” when you mean yes. There is no need to manipulate yourself. A simple question I have my students ask themselves is, “Is it a yum or a yuck for me?” Move toward the yums and away from the yucks.

Surround yourself in silence