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The Sounds of Spa

By: Abby Penning
Posted: November 24, 2009, from the December 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Eluv playing crystal bowl

Playing a special “alchemy” singing crystal bowl made with platinum, musician, sound-healing spa consultant and qi gong practitioner Eluv encourages stress relief and calmness through sound and music.

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Even if you are unable to install docking devices or other equipment for your clients’ use, you can provide different music choices so they can choose a selection they find to be soothing. “Ask people what they like; allow them to choose something they enjoy,” Eluv says. “It’s always wise to have enough of a variety of music on hand so clients can choose something that can help them fully relax. Because if they can clear stress from their bodies—through music or otherwise—it helps them to rejuvenate.”

Take-home options

One of the greatest aspects of music in the spa is its ability to transcend the location. By retailing CDs and other musical offerings in your business, you help clients take the spa home with them.

“Music can help inspire feelings of relaxation and balance outside the spa, and hearing those tones or that music again can reawaken the relaxation the client felt during the treatment,” Eluv explains. “It’s a great way to introduce clients to a whole new aspect of beneficial retail products. Clients sense and appreciate when you are coming from a holistic place of integrity with retail and aren’t just selling for the sake of the sale. Music, sound healing, guided meditations, singing bowls and other sound tools are all retail items that can easily transfer into a sale once clients have experienced the benefits of a sound session firsthand.”

For example, Eurasia Spa offers Soleri bells and CDs featuring Soleri bell music, which help clients associate feelings of rejuvenation not just with a specific treatment, but also with the spa overall. Linking the spa with those feelings—even on the subliminal level that music can often evoke—helps bring clients back to the spa.

Another important retail aspect to note is the ease of retailing music. CDs and other musical offerings are typically items people are familiar with, so there is no need for complicated instructions or extravagant costs. Musical retail items also make great gift options because CDs and small instruments can appeal to a variety of different people who often listen to music on a daily basis, making them more likely to use the product—and potentially come back to purchase more.

Moving with the music