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The Sounds of Spa

Abby Penning December 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
Eluv playing crystal bowl

Playing a special “alchemy” singing crystal bowl made with platinum, musician, sound-healing spa consultant and qi gong practitioner Eluv encourages stress relief and calmness through sound and music.

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Like everyone, you have a favorite song you like to listen to when unwinding from a stressful day. It may be a special mixture of notes, harmonies and rhythms combined with a good beat that can help transport you from a sour mood or simply one that has you tapping your toes. Either way, music is something that can remove people from their worries, and that aspect has long been taken advantage of in spas.

However, music can provide additional benefits in the spa environment, as well. “Many people think music just comes in through the ears and that you are affected only by hearing it,” says Eluv, a musician, sound-healing spa consultant and qi gong practitioner in Tampa, Florida. “Actually, sound can potentially affect you on a cellular level, right down to the DNA, so in essence, sound and music are actually both heard and felt throughout the entire body.” Carol Revak, an acupuncture and vibrational sound-healing practitioner at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, echoes that statement, saying, “Deepak Chopra said the body is held together by sound, and the appearance of disease can mean the body is out of tune. Sound therapy is really a complement to healing spa experiences because it can reach the body at a very deep level.”

Even spas that aren’t looking to incorporate sound therapy treatments into their menus can benefit from some good musical implementations. “The intent of music in the spa is to bring grace, beauty, balance and harmony into your client’s whole being,” says Eluv. “Healing sounds and music can be catalysts to help bring people back into balance.”

Mood music

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