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The Sounds of Spa

By: Abby Penning
Posted: November 24, 2009, from the December 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Eluv playing crystal bowl

Playing a special “alchemy” singing crystal bowl made with platinum, musician, sound-healing spa consultant and qi gong practitioner Eluv encourages stress relief and calmness through sound and music.

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To discover new musicians for the artist of the month, Kirby accompanies her daughter to concerts, as well as keeps an eye on Internet sites that promote artists who aren’t as well-known. Also, once a month, SpaDelic holds a contest to bring one of its clients to a local concert, which has proved to be quite popular. “Music is a really big part of who I am,” Kirby notes, and it is for this reason that she makes sure music plays a considerable role in her spa.

And besides providing a distinct identity, music can also help shape a spa’s image. When creating treatments for the Eurasia Spa at the Scottsdale Resort & Athletic Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, spa owner and director of marketing Rebecca Hing looked to combine Eastern and Western sensibilities, and with many of the services featuring Asian techniques, she discovered an element of music could add a distinctly Western aspect. “We start all of our treatments by ringing a Soleri bell, which are bronze and ceramic wind bells from Arcosanti, an experimental town in Arizona centered on ecology and the environment that was developed by Paolo Soleri, an artist and architect,” she explains. “The bells represent a Southwestern element in the treatments, and we selected a specific Soleri bell for Eurasia Spa. It has a special tonal quality that can relax, center and help align chakras.”

The addition of the bells has created quite a response. Particularly used in its Sound of Peaceful Healing treatment, where the spa therapist rings the Soleri bell at the beginning of and during the service, the spa has found clients coming back for this offering again and again. “Clients love it because it’s a little bit different,” Hing says. “It can sometimes take people a while to leave the room because they are so super relaxed afterward.”

“Doing a sound session before starting a spa treatment helps clients move into an enhanced physical state of deep relaxation,” Eluv explains. “The treatment can be all the more effective if clients are already in a fully relaxed space. The body is naturally more responsive when it is relaxed.”

More than a feeling

Now, the music you’ve worked hard to select doesn’t have to just fade into the background once you’ve incorporated it into your spa. “Music and sound are details that can be used as tools in the spa, whether during a stand-alone service or incorporated as part of a treatment,” says Eluv, and making music an integral part of your treatments is a great way to help ensure relaxation, utilize its health benefits and put your own unique touch on skin care services. The best part is, there are endless ways you can introduce musical treatment elements.