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7 Tips for Staying Sane and Savoring This Holiday Season

Posted: November 14, 2012

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4. Plan ahead. Everyone talks about how the holidays “catch them by surprise” every year. In order to keep from being overwhelmed and overbooked in the coming weeks, Tomazin says that you need to look at your calendar right now. Start scheduling appointments and events early. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy seasonal events instead of just getting through them.

5. Let yourself off the hook, and be okay with that. Unless you’re Martha Stewart, you’ll never have a picture-perfect holiday season. To save your sanity, realize ahead of time that you might forget to buy a gift, that a team member might break a few low-hanging Christmas ornaments and that you might not be able to make all eight dozen cookie recipes you’ve collected.That’s normal, Tomazin assures, so don’t beat yourself up. Keep your focus on what’s really important and you’ll be less tense and harried—as well as more resilient!

6. Say no. Many skin care professionals have trouble saying no for a variety of reasons. However, Tomazin points out that until you learn to say no when you need to, you’ll never be in the driver’s seat of your own life. She’s adamant that you don’t have to do it all—nor should you. Decide ahead of time what’s most important to you and your business, and prioritize those things. Then you can feel okay about saying no to some of the rest.

7. Give yourself a gift (or two). Chances are, you’ve already started shopping for some of the items on your gift list. As you’re choosing the perfect presents for your spouse, kids, friends, and more, Tomazin reminds you not to forget yourself! It’s both okay and healthy to invest in yourself. Spending a few dollars or minutes on yourself might seem like a relatively small thing, but Tomazin promises that it can make a huge difference.