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Whole Remedies for Holistic Skin Care

By: Jimm Harrison
Posted: June 29, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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For skin-damaging lifestyles, diets, work habits and social habits, there’s only so much a practitioner can do beyond educating the client about the skin-harming effects of these actions. There are no remedies that will truly correct a skin condition that results from a poor lifestyle, making it a challenge to skin care professionals when a client is resistant to change.

Your best bet for skin therapy is detoxification, antioxidants, and a focus on emotional or personality issues that influence a reckless lifestyle or poor diet. Your business model should demonstrate healthy lifestyle choices through example and offer healthy lifestyle services and literature.

Holistic remedies for a stressful world

An area of holistic concern often overlooked is the effect conditions of the world have on skin. This is a speculative issue using recently introduced theories of the interconnected behavior of all things, suggesting that with world harmony there would be less stress in people’s mind, body and spirit. World chaos has the opposite effect, creating a negative influence on the energetic body.

Remedies for a stressful world correspond to the apparent emotional impact on the individual. It helps to uncover individual concerns—whether they be economic, which can be treated with the homeopathic remedy aconitum, or patchouli essential oil; sadness due to world strife, which may be helped with rose hydrosol or borage flower essence; or a fear of political dangers, which can be aided by mandarin essential oil and aspen flower remedy. Your business also may want to provide services and programs to promote harmony and a positive worldview, such as meditation, reading groups, chakra balance therapy and volunteer programs.

Subatomic, quantum healing

Identifying remedies for actions at the quantum or subatomic level is as mysterious as the subject of subatomic behavior itself. This is a level of information sometimes viewed synonymously with consciousness or spirituality. It may be logical to use techniques that find their support from a quantum interpretation such as Reiki and other forms of energy work. In homeopathy, the action of the remedies is sometimes said to come from the healing information carried by the subatomic particles. Utilizing your own positive thoughts and focus, believed to influence healing, is a means of treatment for any condition, and ingredient choices will likely correspond with emotional or physical symptoms.