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Holistic Beauty and Skin Health: How Whole is Holistic? Part 1

By: Jimm Harrison
Posted: June 2, 2009, from the June 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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It’s well known a poor diet is a detriment to skin care. The nutrients from a balanced, whole food diet with supplementation will maintain a healthy body, mind and skin, so it’s holistically beneficial for the practitioner to have a basic understanding of diet and nutrients.

Exercise, proper rest and playtime also have their benefits. They increase the health and emotional well-being of the individual and their skin. A business based on beauty wellness may do well to include holistic services such as a professional lifestyle coach, nutritionist and fitness center, or offer informational resources to counteract a negative lifestyle.

World issues and interconnectedness

What effect does a struggling economy, desolation in third world countries, war and political chaos have on the skin? Thought it’s only speculate on this issue, the potential imbalance on health that may occur should not be overlooked.

The modern perspective of the universe sees interconnectedness between all things. In this context, joy in one corner has a joyful influence on everything everywhere, and the same applies to pain, suffering and cruelty. Be aware of the emotional impact this may have, with each person responding uniquely to world eventsand energies.

Your business may counteract negative world issues through recycling programs, volunteerism and other positive actions that, in turn, emit positive influence within the interconnected whole. In this context, your positive action will have a positive healing stimulus on the skin of your clientele, as well as on your business.

The quantum aspect