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Holistic Beauty and Skin Health: How Whole is Holistic? Part 1

By: Jimm Harrison
Posted: June 2, 2009, from the June 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Areas producing high amounts of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from wires, power plants or other sources and radio frequencies (RF) from microwave towers and ovens also have been implicated as a cause of disease8, 9 and may directly or indirectly affect skin. The EMFs from cellular phones are debatably another potential source of biological disruption.10, 11 EMFs and RFs also may alternately create emotional stress with the resulting effect on skin.

Home interiors too have potentially high amounts of EMFs or RFs, as well as environmental toxins. Providing awareness of environmental and home pollutants through available literature or Internet suggestions, such, will offer a valuable service to your clientele and support the image of a green business.

Personality and philosophy

Personality and individual philosophies can be used as diagnostic elements for their affect on skin condition. The Hippocratic temperaments and the doshas of ayurvedic medicine are systems that classify personality and physical types for use in diagnosis and treatment. Matching skin to personality may be obvious—a nervous personality equals stressed skin and congested skin fits a sluggish personality—but deeper observations break from the obvious and look at stubbornness, fear, anger, type A and worrisome personalities, where the clinician may observe the personality and holistically connect withskin condition.

A person’s philosophical viewpoint is also a consideration. Positive or negative, spiritualist or realist, and even political viewpoint may be a subtle defining factor in skin condition. Philosophical viewpoints and personality types will likely parallel emotional balance. Be conscious that your business philosophy often will attract a philosophically like-minded clientele, and your treatment options should correspond to that.

Lifestyle, diet, work habits and social habits

Lifestyle is reflected in the skin’s condition, and prescribed treatments are only as effective as a person’s habits will allow. No sleep, stressful work habits and a party-all-the-time lifestyle will not allow for proper digestion, circulation or detoxification, which ultimately will be seen in the skin condition.