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Psoriasis Sufferers Get Help From the Web

Posted: March 30, 2009

Spa clients who suffer from psoriasis can now get help from a more technological source—the Internet.

People experiencing the skin disease psoriasis may get relief from their symptoms and the psychological distress they can cause through a new web-based therapy program. Skin experts and psychologists at the University of Manchester have teamed up to design a computer program known as ‘electronic Targeted Intervention for Psoriasis,’ or eTIPS, to help sufferers cope with and manage their condition better.

“Psoriasis is a skin disease that usually appears as patches of raised, red skin anywhere on the body and is believed to be related to faulty signals sent to skin cells by the body’s immune system,” said Dr. Christine Bundy, senior lecturer in psychological medicine and a member of the research team. “The condition affects between two and three percent of the U.K. population and can have an effect on the way people think and feel about themselves, as well as how to cope with day to day life.’

“Psychological discomfort is made worse by the visible nature of the condition and people may feel reluctant to expose parts of their body affected with psoriasis, often covering up with long sleeves, trousers and polo necks. Psoriasis has been known to affect people’s work, relationships and the activities they do, leading to anxiety, stress, worry, low self-esteem and difficulties with coping,” said Dr. Bundy.

The eTIPS study, funded by the Psoriasis Research Trust and supported by the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance (PAPPAA), will ask participants to complete up to four web-based questionnaires during a six-week period with a further follow-up questionnaire at six months.