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Color My World: Chromatherapy Explained

By: Maggi Cameron
Posted: January 7, 2009, from the January 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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This provides important insight into the possibility of a new form of cellular communication by means of low-level light. So if cells can communicate with each other by means of light, what would be the result if a cell was supplied with the light it was requesting? If, for example, certain reactions with a cell have ground to a halt, supplying the appropriate light and color to the cell might ignite the mechanism of chemicals to begin functioning again. This is one of the principles by which color therapy can be used.

Chakra balancing. For thousands of years, many cultures have believed that there is an inherent energy flowing through the body. Mainstream science is now beginning to accept this as fact.2 The findings have shown that humans do in fact radiate various colors in some form.8 Thus, the belief in the existence of auric fields and energy centers, or chakras, in the human body must also hold true. During times of illness or stress, these areas can become depleted or circulate the wrong type of energy. If the chakras are supplied with fresh or appropriate energy in the form of energy vibrations, or colors, of the appropriate frequency and wavelength, they will be rebalanced and might function again together with their corresponding organs. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by directly supplying color energy via color chakra balancing, a 10–15 minute treatment.

Polarized light and color therapy

Polarized light rays can be used as a gentle noninvasive form of treatment that balances the subtle and physical body by either stimulating or calming specific energy points and energy flows in the body. Color energy is delivered to particular points in the body in a unique way. Unlike other light sources, polarized light is incoherent and delivers the full spectrum of color energy in parallel planes. In lay terms, each color/wavelength is delivered independently of the next as either red, orange, yellow, green, blue or other colors. In general, polarized color energy can be thought of as modern therapy based on traditional principles. Someone suffering from a lack of drive or depression may be calmed and at the same time energized.

Specially made handblown glass, color filters can create treatments that are totally compatible with the body and tissue. Coupled with usage on strategic points of both the physical and emotive body, the results can be quite astounding. Colored light rays are well-suited to this task, creating a bridge between the two and facilitating the appropriate energy exchange.

Oxygen can be very effective when used in light and color therapy. If irradiated with a specific form of radiation, in this case with color wavelengths, its molecules can store the vibration of the specific frequency (color) of that radiation.