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Energy Creates Form

By: Jane Wurwand
Posted: October 17, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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This is the opposite of dwelling on what you don’t want. Banish from your mind the long list of negative what-ifs. These include: What if all of my clients move to another city? What if I can’t pay my lease? What if my check bounces? What if I run out of my favorite cleanser before the next order arrives? What if I lose my touch? What if our building catches on fire? What if I wake up tomorrow with amnesia and can’t remember the basic effleurage or petrissage? And so on. You just have to tell yourself to stop it.

Thoughts such as these are the magnets described earlier. This is not to mean your mere thoughts can actually cause your building to catch on fire, because then you would be the main character in a Stephen King novel. But thoughts, both negative and positive, do attract material action.

It’s up to you

I’ve taught and mentored hundreds of small-business owners, mostly entrepreneurs and mostly women. I have watched them reach for what they wanted, only to be frustrated many times. The ones who succeed are the ones who keep reaching. These ultimate victors don’t ever see themselves as victims, failures or losers; they merely see themselves as future success stories that have not yet been told.

There may be a bit of a cultural issue here as well, as America is the fabled land of the overnight success. In my experience though, there really are very few of these. Hollywood is filled with bitter, angry waiters and waitresses who literally got off the bus expecting to be discovered as the “next big thing”—no wonder it’s hard to get a refill on your iced tea in that town.

And some people genuinely do appear to be more golden than others, seemingly achieving things more easily and with less strife. Perhaps they do. But the same qualities are always required: focus, persistence, passion for the goal and a refusal to quit. Each of these qualities is defined by your commitment to repel the negativity that attacks from the outside and expel any negativity that arises from the inside.