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Energy Creates Form

By: Jane Wurwand
Posted: October 17, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Everyone must get over something. Sometimes these impediments are obvious, but other times, they are more subtle. Musician Stevie Wonder has often remarked his total loss of eyesight as a prematurely born infant, due to too much oxygen introduced into his hospital incubator, was in fact a gift from a greater power; he believes by forfeiting physical sight, he was compensated with an ability to create art. In the artist’s experience, this twist of fate that many of you would call tragic has been literally received as a blessing.

Sometimes, the challenge that faces someone seems like a blessing when it is, in fact, a real trial for them. People who are exceptionally physically beautiful—versus simply attractive—often feel their extreme beauty is a burden. The same is true for people with an extremely high IQ, especially very gifted children. It may be difficult to feel sympathy for these people, but they often become negative precisely because they are burdened with something everyone else in the world seems to covet.

Fight through

So perhaps you are not dealing with blindness, a supernatural physical beauty, or an IQ in excess of 150. You’re a bright, motivated, chic skin therapist, and yet nothing is going your way. The economy is bad, your practice is inconsistent, you can’t afford to buy all the nice things you’d like, you work too many hours, your feet hurt, there is no end to the laundry, your friends and family complain they never see you … Please, hold it right there.

As a friend from Brooklyn always says, get over yourself! The key is to hold a picture in your mind and the heart of your being about what you want to happen and what you most passionately wish to be true. This may be as simple as a full appointment book. Or it may be a skin care center of your very own.

First, form a clear picture in your mind. Then bring this picture to mind consciously throughout your day, and hold it in your mind when your head finally hits the pillow at night. This way, it can permeate your subconscious thoughts as you sleep.