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Spa Music

By: Wilma Fernando
Posted: June 11, 2008, from the November 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Music in the massage room. Invisible speaker systems can be incorporated in individual massage rooms. While clients receive a treatment, they should relax to soothing music, such as the sound of Tibetan chants or soft jazz. This enhances the spa experience and helps to create return clients.

Music in the water. A number of companies offer integrated music systems designed specially for the spa environment, including hydrotherapy rooms. In lieu of external speakers, transducers and amplifiers are hidden behind a cabinet, maintaining the existing seating space and comfort, as well as the facility’s aesthetic appeal.

Music in the outdoors. Incorporate the sound of music outdoors to complement activities such as walking or meditation. Especially effective are the sounds of nature, such as gentle ocean waves, waterfalls, chirping birds and auditory effects from the Amazon rain forest.

Choosing a system

Carefully select a music system that best integrates with your spa. Take a look at your facility’s brand, décor and client needs when seeking out music system solutions.

MP3 players. Music devices, such as MP3 players, are great tools to utilize in any spa. With the ability to store thousands of songs in a small, easy-to-handle unit, music can be downloaded into different categories, such as jazz, hymns, choral or raga. Speakers and headphones will allow listening throughout all areas of the spa. Most fully charged devices can play 10–20 hours of nonstop tunes.