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Understanding the Psyche of the Male Client

By: Richard Linder
Posted: August 29, 2012, from the September 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
male professional skin care client

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American men live an average of 73 years. Unfortunately, the group that is most likely to develop skin cancers is made up of older men who grew up with macho cultural stereotypes, typically making them less open to discussions about skin care and sunscreen. Helping this section of the population is more about appealing to their sense of self-preservation, not their vanity. For these clients, it is important to differentiate between the use of daily sun protection and the use of typical age-control products that are focused on women and younger men.

Problem-solvers by nature, men often think that skin care is only needed if there is a problem to solve, such as breakouts, acne-scarring or overt wrinkling. Helping them to understand that there are problems, such as skin cancer, that are inherent to not using proper sunscreen and skin care may increase their acceptance of professional products.

Translating skin care

There are no breakthroughs in skin science and health that will be beneficial for men if they resist buying quality skin care products. Loss of vitality and a youthful appearance is a big issue for most of the male population. Well-advertised prescription drugs designed to help them overcome a number of common illnesses and personal challenges have opened up dialogue between men and their physicians. This can lead to more discussions and referrals to skin care professionals, so work to strengthen your relationships with physicians in your area who specialize in men’s issues and wellness.

Also, be sure to leverage the fact that men tend to be born fixers with their love of telling tales of their accomplishments. Use this tendency to encourage those who already use skin care products to speak with friends who have not yet discovered the positive benefits of having a basic skin care regimen.

Simple, multipurpose, easy-to-follow, control

Encouraging men to try products may be the first hurdle, but getting them to use them correctly and consistently is an additional challenge. Compliance, especially in young men, can be difficult, and keeping regimens simple with only a few products can help. Target your marketing to men’s need for simple, multipurpose products that provide visible results through an easy-to-follow routine. Let them know that they are in control of their own skin health and can make the right choices in what, for many, is a new and overwhelming personal care area.