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Inner Balance = Outer Beauty

By: Darren Starwynn
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Facial Reflex Zones

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Not all systems applying energy to the face are created equal. Some produce more favorable local and whole-body effects. What makes the difference? The magic word is “resonance.” All parts of the body and internal energy systems are exquisitely sensitive to vibrations, or frequencies. The most effective treatment systems are those that use greater precision in applying frequencies of microcurrent and wavelengths (colors) of light that positively resonate with cells, organs, glands and tissues.

When the correct energy vibrations are applied, high currents or bright light are not needed to produce good results. In many cases, the lower the level of stimulation, the better. The combination of microcurrent and light therapy, and other gentle energy systems, can be used in both esthetic and medical/healing arts businesses.

Skin care professionals who understand this principle of inner balance = outer beauty, and utilize gentle and effective energy therapies for facial rejuvenation may be able to provide a more profound level of service to their clients. This is possible because the face is a two-way holographic gateway to the entire body, mind and spirit.


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