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Inner Balance = Outer Beauty

By: Darren Starwynn
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Facial Reflex Zones

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Methods that do both. There are treatments that facilitate both local and whole-body benefits. The most effective facial rejuvenation methods include the following.

  • Direct methods to lift and tone the tissue of the face with gentle, natural methods. It is your duty to do your best to provide the kinds of rapid, noticeable results clients are seeking. It is well-worth looking for those methods that achieve this with minimal or no use of invasive therapies.
  • Systemic treatments that improve organ and hormonal function, and the flow and balance of qi and blood throughout the body. It is outside the scope of practice for most estheticians to advertise that they provide health benefits to their clients; yet, many of these benefits show up anyway.

The side effects of facial rejuvenation

Many modern writers and researchers have written about the body’s information communication systems. According to accepted medical thinking, there are two primary communication pathways in the body: the nervous system (electrical communication) and the endocrine system (chemical communication).

Candace Pert and other writers have also described a third informational pathway that is even more subtle and instantaneous. This is based on minute substances called neuropeptides that are apparently produced by many tissues throughout the body, including the brain, heart, immune system, digestive system and blood cells. These peptides appear to flash into existence, instantly trigger a target tissue and then disappear. Peptides are strongly affected by mood and emotion. They appear to be a major link between thought, emotion, organs and the immune system; the mind-body link that acupuncture has been working with since ancient times.

Can this subtle, but immensely powerful neuropeptide system explain the whole-body healing effects of energy-based facial rejuvenation?

Microcurrent and light therapy

Light is a major basis of communication, information and the innate intelligence of the body. Microcurrent appears to act as a carrier for externally applied light, helping it penetrate more deeply into the body more easily. Microcurrent has powerful direct lifting and toning effects, as well as the ability to deliver many of the benefits of acupuncture when applied to appropriate points and zones. When microcurrent and therapeutic light are applied together, the rejuvenating effects are multiplied ... making this treatment combination fall into the category of treatment methods that facilitate both local and whole-body benefits. The combination of microcurrent and color light therapy, applied through special wands onto facial and body regions, may deliver superior results to microcurrent or light therapies being applied separately.