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Inner Balance = Outer Beauty

By: Darren Starwynn
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Facial Reflex Zones

The diagram Facial Reflex Zones (to the right) shows how the body’s internal organs correspond to specific zones on the face. There are many such maps throughout the body—they also exist in the ears, on the soles of the feet, on the hands and on the abdomen. These maps, each of which contains an array of points connecting to various body parts, are also known as holograms. This term will be explained later in this article.

When clients go to a skin care facilities, they often ask for help in beautifying or reducing the appearance of problem areas on their faces and elsewhere. Many people see these features as detracting from their attractiveness and self-esteem, and they deploy methods ranging from cosmetic cover-ups to harsh chemicals or surgery to make them go away. According to the science of holography, however, doing these things may be equivalent to shooting the messenger.

What is holography?

Just as shooting the ambassador from a hostile nation will not improve relations with that country and may provoke a war, covering up, bleaching or surgically removing an unsightly lesion usually does nothing to remedy the underlying imbalance in the body that caused it—and may worsen it. Holography is based on the principle that in living systems, each part contains an image of the whole. Holography even reveals direct connections between infinitesimally small subatomic particles and vast galaxies.

The term “hologram” originated with a form of three-dimensional photography invented by a Hungarian scientist. These are photos that allow the viewer to move the viewing angle and see around corners of the object in the photo, just as with real objects. This holographic principle applies to the human body, as well. As mentioned above, acupuncturists and reflexologists have long used holographic principles to effectively relieve pain and treat a myriad of health problems. Another name for these holographic body maps is “microsystems.”

Acupuncture facial diagnosis is based on the recognition that the health and vitality of each internal organ and energy system is reflected in predictable facial zones. Vertical lines on the brow reflect stress and tension in the liver. Darkness and bags under the eyes indicate weak fire energy of the kidneys. Deep crow’s-feet point to weakened function of the gall bladder. Those lines that form around 50-something women’s mouths reflect the decline of the function of their reproductive organs.