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13 Tips for Increasing Emotional Resilience in 2013

Posted: January 3, 2013

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8) Stay present. This moment is the only reality. Allowing the mind to run to the future or languish in the past prevents effective problem solving.

9) Be grateful. Regardless of the trauma or affliction, resilient people can always see something to for which to be grateful. Things could always be worse.

10) Accentuate the positive. A mental attitude of “I can’t” ensures a person won’t. Replace the negative with “I can” and start creating a new reality.

11) Practice compassion. Human nature is flawed, so kindness is the best approach to oneself and others. Make allowances for human foibles rather than judging oneself and others.

12) Find beauty. This is a magically beautiful world, so take time to notice and appreciate its wonders. A sunrise, dewdrops on a leaf, patterns in skyscraper windows, soaring music. There’s no end to the beauty of the natural and built world, so enjoy it.

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