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Destroy Stress and Spring Clean Your Mind

Posted: March 3, 2011

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Miller offers three stress-management tips to de-clutter your team members' and your clients' minds.

  1. Watch and observe your thought life. As soon as a negative thought enters your radar, simply say the word, "Delete." Your subconscious mind has had enough experience with that word that it will evoke a strong response.
  2. Replace all negative thoughts with a positive statement. Instead of, "Nothing ever works out for me," try "I got an undesirable outcome this time giving me an opportunity to explore other available options." Instead of, "I can't do that!" try: "I don't know how to do that yet, and I have full confidence in my ability to learn new things." Try this reframe, "It's not rejection, it's just direction."
  3. Practice remaining present to the life in front of your face. The nonessential thoughts in life exist in the past and the future. All that is of value exists in the experience of the present moment. Stop your antics of comparison; they rob you of your God-given ability to stay present to your inner creativity and inspiration.