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The Health Benefits of Strong Relationships With Exclusive Commentary From Anne Martin

Posted: December 21, 2010

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From Harvard Women's Health Watch, December 2010

Spa Professionals and Connection: Strong Relationships, Healthy Benefits, Exclusive Commentary From Anne Martin

Connection ... what is this tie between client and spa professional? Simple. Spa professionals offer a place of comfort, as they smile and invite clients into the haven that is a facial. They tell her they are glad to see her, because they are. And that gladness wraps its arms around her with welcome. In lives that are often scheduled down to the minute, at last it is her time. There’s nowhere else to be, nothing else to do but receive from a spa professional's hands that touch that is safe and without agenda, thus releasing pent-up stress so that it falls and then drifts away. Restful it is, that she may put her head down and be cared for, and cared about.

This profession is one of social support, because spa professionals offer advice about skin care, help solve skin problems, set up self-care regimens and work to bring into balance skin that suffers from aging or acne. Further, they ask after those things that make up the client’s life: family, pets, interests, jobs ... but most particularly, they wonder about her, and how she is doing. By this is caring expressed; just their willingness to ask and then to listen to the halting sentences or simple soliloquy that forms a spillway for the stories she may share. From the mundane, everyday and small moments, to those of loneliness, loss and change that comprise her life ... this is what spa professionals bear witness to, and out of these, trust forms. Life-enhancing trust. During this time with a spa professional, a client is not alone, for they will walk a little of the way with her. It is this that heartens the client, and what may be achieved through a healthy mix of laughter, kindness and empathy.

This a profession expressed through a language of touch and words and focused attention ... all of which translates to caring involvement with the client, underscored by skillful work. This is New Year’s, a time rife with resolutions, for what you want the future-us to be and do and have. Resolve to speak and tell clients you’re glad they are there, with you. Hug her hello, and hug her farewell, for your kind touch is an ever-precious gift. Resolve to forgive yourself for what you haven’t done, and propose to appreciate yourself for the good you do, and the good that comes from it, so that your own spirit will quiet with the satisfaction of genuine accomplishments. Resolve to open your heart to the grace of relationship, and, in so doing, discover anew the meaning inherent in your profession. Connection: with the client, with yourself, through your profession. All spa professionals are together in these resolutions and rediscoverings. It will be a Happy New Year.