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Antioxidant Mixture May Help Elevate Sun Protection

Posted: November 25, 2008

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In addition, some studies have suggested the presence of phloretin can enhance the uptake of other active ingredients applied to the skin.

The protective mix of CFerPhlor

The team looked at a number of parameters in order to investigate the efficacy of vitamin C, ferulic acid and phloretin (CFerPhlor), including skin reddening and markers of DNA damage. According to the study, CFerPhlor provided significant protection against erythema (skin reddening), the production of thymine dimers (the most common DNA damage caused by UV radiation) and the production of p53 (a protein induced when the DNA is damaged by UV radiation).

In addition, the topical application of the antioxidants brought the levels of MMP-9 (an enzyme that attacks collagen in the skin) down to normal non UV-radiated levels. A similar effect was seen with the Langerhans cells, whose morphology is altered by UV radiation. The CFerPhlor mixture appeared to completely prevent this UV-induced alteration.

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