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Research Shows Nanoparticles May Penetrate Sun Damaged Skin

Posted: August 25, 2008

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“This is an important discovery for nanoparticle safety concerns as consumers often apply sunscreens containing metal oxide nanoparticles of similar size and raw material properties to UV-exposed skin,” said the authors.

They said direct comparisons were impossible to make at this stage as a wide variety of surface coatings are used in commercial sunscreens that may alter skin penetration characteristics.

The authors called for further research. “Future in-vivo studies using custom imaging modalities and commercial sunscreen formulations are planned to generate the necessary insight to assess human health risks from applying nanoparticle sunscreens to UV-damaged skin.”

Reference: Luke J. Mortensen, Gunter Oberdorster, Alice P. Pentland and Lisa A. DeLouise. Nano Letters, “In Vivo Skin Penetration of Quantum Dot Nanoparticles in the Murine Model: The Effect of UVR,” 2008; ASAP Web Release Date: 08-08-2008, August 20, 2008