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FDA Criticized for Sunscreen Regulation

Posted: August 19, 2008

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Calling of FDA to improve regulation

The Cancer Prevention Coalition is calling on the FDA to improve sunscreen regulation and argues that the current status quo is ‘just one example of the overwhelming ignorance and indifference of the FDA and its president’.

It is calling for a Sunscreen Labeling Act modelled on California’s Safe Cosmetics Act of 2007.

Earlier this year, the Personal Care Products Council reacted to a similar complaint from the Environmental Working Group by reassuring the safety of sunscreen ingredients such as oxybenzone. “Oxybenzone is approved by FDA, the European Union and Canada as a safe and effective sunscreen ingredient” said the Council’s chief scientist John Bailey.

In addition, Bailey questioned the rigor and reliability of the science behind the EWG’s claims, stating that the claims ‘unnecessarily alarm consumers’. “This unfortunate attack on sunscreen products is an unjustified attempt to discredit an extensive, long-standing body of scientific data,” Bailey said.