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Only on Develop a No-tanning Pledge Just In Time for Spring Break

Posted: March 14, 2012

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Execution of the pledge and message is both internal and external. Internally, educating and exciting the staff on the deliverance of the message is crucial, because it gives the skin care facility another opportunity to engage with its clients, and introduce new and existing clients to services, such as body checks, laser treatments for sun damage and products such as sunscreens and antioxidants. The pledge is not only an opportunity to provide clients with solutions to healthier skin, but also it is an internal revenue source to re-introduce services and products. Adding internal marketing throughout the office, such as signage in rooms, at the front desk and at the checkout counter will also engage clients and bring attention to the pledge. In addition, clients can be a resource by telling their friends about the pledge,

 External promotion of the pledge will involve aligning the facility with events such as business and high school health fairs, golf outings and health and beauty businesses. Doing good for the community and providing education on the dangers of tanning will introduce the facility to the community as a destination for skin cancer solutions. Skin care facilities should also look to their websites, social media outlets and other businesses to post the tanning pledge as a source for communicating their message.

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