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Only on Develop a No-tanning Pledge Just In Time for Spring Break

Posted: March 14, 2012

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People taking the no-tanning pledge promise to stop using tanning beds or intentionally tanning outdoors. They also agree to protect their skin with sunscreen and care for their skin with visits to their dermatologist.

“The dangers of tanning are very real and I see people in my practice being diagnosed with skin cancer, even young people under the age of 20. We’re aiming to help everyone find the beauty in their natural skin color and not risk their health by tanning,” says Taub. “It is the most effective way to reduce the risk of skin cancer.”

As spring break approaches, Taub urges people to tan the healthy way: with sunless tanning. It gives skin the glow they desire without the harmful UV ray exposure.

If your skin care facility is interested in a similar program to help end tanning in your community, Taub supplies with exclusive tips and advice on how to get the program going.

To create awareness of the dangers of tanning to clients and community, a skin care facility should first develop its own message and goals of a no-tanning pledge. A message should be clear and unique to the facility, such as "Stop the Tan" or "Healthy and Tan-Free." The next step is determine the goals of the pledge, such as:

  • How much time will be spent on communicating the pledge compared to other efforts in the facility;
  • To whom the pledge will be communicated (clients and/or the community);
  • Who is the demographic that the practice wants to reach (teens, current clients, everyone, etc.);
  • Is there a specific number of signed pledges the business wants to attain within a month or year; and
  • What end results does the business want to achieve from this pledge?

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