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Are Your Clients Addicted to Indoor Tanning? With Exclusive Commentary About How to Wean Clients From Unhealthy Tanning Behaviors

Posted: September 6, 2011

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But John Overstreet, the executive director of the Indoor Tanning Association, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group representing the indoor tanning industry, said that UV light is essential for survival.

"Some people overdo things, but that doesn't mean they are addicted," he said. "Moderation is the key, whether your UV exposure is from a tanning bed or sun."

From Yahoo! HealthDay News, August 15, 2011

According to Terri Wojak, director of True University Esthetics in Chicago, "Although some people may be addicted to indoor tanning for different reasons, it often starts with wanting to look better. I have many clients that I have talked out of tanning by giving them methods to improve the appearance of their skin in other ways. I have seen clients that go tanning because they think it hides acne conditions or those that think it gives them a younger appearance. The first step to getting clients away from tanning beds is through education, give your clients other options to make their skin look better and educate them on how tanning will likely make their skin conditions worse. After that, let them know about the many treatments available today to give a tan look without the damage. There are spray tan options, which are becoming increasingly popular, which can be offered at your spa using an airbrush technique. There are also self-tanners available that the client can use at home on a regular basis. A good bronzer may even be just enough color for some people. Make sure you have self- tanners and bronzers available in your retail area, and if you don’t offer airbrush tanning, have contact information for places that do in order to have a ready referral available."