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Caring for Male Clients Across the Generations

By: Rhonda Allison
Posted: July 1, 2013, from the July 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

There is a significant shift occurring in the men’s skin care industry. Men are rapidly becoming savvy skin care consumers, trading in their all-purpose moisturizer or cleanser for more specific solutions to their individual skin challenges.

According to market researchers at the NPD Group, skin care will be the most dynamic segment in men’s grooming.1 In 2012, this segment of sales increased 6%, reaching $45.5 million, proving men’s skin care is on the upward trend.1

With an increasing number of men embracing good skin care practices, professionals will benefit from knowing how to work with men’s skin, particularly the different nuances of their respective age groups. (See Working With Generations of Men.)

Although there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works for the various age groups across the board, there are some common challenges men combat throughout the generations. With the proper tools and treatments (See Treatment How-to: Rejuvenating Peel for Men), skin care professionals can help male clients tackle these issues. Keep in mind, a large part of the process will also involve educating them about how to care for their skin at home.

Men and their skin

Do men really have different skin than women? There are many similarities and, of course, many of the products and treatments used on female clients still work very effectively on men’s skin, but there are also some key differences.