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Nima Skin Institute Clears Up Myths of Acne

Posted: June 10, 2010

Because June is National Acne Awareness Month, the Chicago acne treatment specialists at Nima Institute would like to help clear up certain myths associated with this condition. Nima Skin Institute is a medical and cosmetic dermatology facility located in Chicago. Acne treatment is one of the medical treatments they provide for patients.

Myth 1: Because acne is a skin condition only affecting the outside surface of the body, many people believe that it is merely a cosmetic condition.

Truth: Acne is a medical condition caused by the chronic inflammation of the hairs and hair follicles. It is often treated by over-the-counter products, but in more severe cases, prescription medication is prescribed by a dermatologist.

Myth 2: People believe that chocolate and oily foods are main contributors of acne because oily skin is often considered a direct cause for acne breakouts.

Truth: There is no proven correlation between chocolate and fried foods causing acne; however, because acne often involves the formation of clogged pores, comedogenic, greasy products can result in acne breakouts.