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What Kind of Plastic Surgery Does Your Region Prefer?

Posted: February 18, 2010

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Breast augmentation, for instance, is big in the Pacific and Mountain states, leading the nation with a whopping 36%. Other popular procedures for this region include laser treatment of leg veins (37%), laser hair removal (33%) and liposuction, which pulls in 31% of the nation’s procedures. (The South Atlantic, stretching from Washington D.C. to Florida, is second with 22%.)

“Some of its related to weather,” says McGuire. “When you get into the south — California and Florida — you have a lot more outdoor activities and outdoor weather much more of the year. So body contouring is going to be more significant in those areas as compared to Minnesota or the Northeast, where people are covering up at least six months of the year.”

Elizabeth Dashiell, a 37-year-old public relations person from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, says she’s definitely seen people succumb to the allure of the “plastic fantastic” after moving to the Sunshine State. “It’s pretty insidious,” she says. “You can literally see people, like friends of friends on Facebook. They’ll come for a visit and they’ll look a certain way and then after they move to Miami or Palm Beach, their appearance will start to change in their pictures. A lot of it you can attribute to the beautiful weather. You’re on the beach a lot and you don’t want to look nasty in your bathing suit.”

Not everyone is looking to make their backside smaller, though. Buttock implants, according to regional data gathered by the ASPS, are more popular in the South Atlantic region than any other part of the country. What’s behind this trend?

“Buttock implants and butt lifts are very big in South America,” says McGuire. “If I had to explain this difference, I’d say it has to do with the number of South Americans living in the Florida area or the number of South Americans going there to have it done.”

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