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Lasers and Innovative Skin Care Techniques

By: Mona Sappenfield
Posted: June 24, 2008, from the February 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Time and cost. A typical full-facial or partial body treatment is $150 for 35 minutes.

Don’t be fooled

There are plenty of innovative light source applications available that are not lasers at all. Ask yourself these two questions: What is the desired outcome of the procedure in order to meet my clients’ expectations? and What will my clients be willing to pay for the results? Your answers will help you to determine whether you should invest in a certain technology.

An example of a less effective and less costly modality is light emitting diode (LED) technology. Energy output of the appliance is measured in milliwatts, which results in 1,000 times less output than just one regular watt of energy. Treatment frequency is of no concern—a client could be treated every day, if desired. That is why many at-home models for LED are sold. It can be incorporated into facial procedures after extractions to avoid redness and to promote epidermal surface healing. Procedures generally can be used in conjunction with every known classic skin care facial available, and are ideal for clients who are afraid of lasers and IPL. The only caution noted is to protect the client’s thyroid area from light.

All lasers are not alike

Many manufacturers, associations wand institutes offer laser safety workshops that are conducted by expert physicians. Anyone operating a light-based system should obtain a certificate of clinical training on the safety, operation and use of the equipment. It would be unacceptable to practice advanced light-based technology utilizing secondhand knowledge.

Advanced laser training is expensive by most standards of esthetician education. As an employee, be prepared to sign a reimbursement-for-training contract and a noncompete clause if your employer agrees to pay for your instruction.