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Lasers and Innovative Skin Care Techniques

By: Mona Sappenfield
Posted: June 24, 2008, from the February 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Offer an incentive, such as a $50 discount on the consultation fee when they receive their first laser procedure. Discuss pricing with your client during the initial visit, and offer options for per-visit pricing and packages. At Mona Spa and Laser Center, our professionals are too busy to offer free consultations, and it is our policy not to quote laser service pricing over the telephone.

It is your professional responsibility to provide informative consultations regarding versatile lasers and to document in writing all discussions pertaining to the outcome of the proposed treatments. Take before and after photographs of all new clients. Many of them forget the depth of their lines, the intensity of their facial redness and the aggression of their hair growth. The results can be remarkable when documented, and clients must be prepared by their service provider during the first consultation of the necessity of going the distance when additional treatments are required. Touch-up treatments can be needed for years.

The most delighted clients are the ones who are the most informed and realistic about the treatment protocol due to a clear understanding that the end result may entail a longer process.

Microdermabrasion and lasers

Purifying facial techniques long have sustained successful estheticians who work with teenage and middle-aged clients. You should continue to practice purifying and cleansing with a cornucopia of fruit-based enzymes and acids containing known antioxidants and skin lighteners to remove all particle matter when preparing the skin for a laser procedure. Professional glycolic peels and pumpkin enzymes dramatically reduce acne bacteria when combined with laser treatments.

The modality that works most efficiently with laser and IPL for skin resurfacing continues to be microdermabrasion. An improvement in acne scarring and brown sun damage is seen when utilizing it. Avoid using aluminum oxide sand because of its potential to produce an allergic reaction to the nickel content in the particles. Sodium bicarbonate sand can be used as a successful alternative.

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