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Secrets That the Mouth Reveals

By: Jenny Hogan
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the April 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Lip augmentation. Lip augmentation involves restoring the lost volume of the lips to re-create a youthful pout. This is achieved through either surgical rearrangement of tissue in the lips or with fat injections.

Mouth resurfacing. Similar to the rest of the face, mouth resurfacing involves dermabrasion, lasers or chemical peels, in combination with fat grafting, to achieve a natural result.

Corner lift. The corner lift takes about a half-hour and is performed along with a face lift. The scars are not easily visible because they are hidden in the vermilion of the lips. A mouth with turned-down edges connotes both aging and unhappiness. This perception can be a matter of only a few millimeters of drooping at the corners. This simple technique has altered patients’ lives by making them no longer look angry. They feel happier because they look happier.

The power of expressions

This demonstrates the power of expressions—they become problematic when personalities start to reflect them. The collective feedback you receive from your mirror, as well as from other people, serves as instructions. So, gradually and without realizing it, your personality can shift to match your expression. “One of the most important functions of cosmetic surgery is to create a harmony or a ‘truth’ between what is seen on the outside and what is felt on the inside,” says Sigal. “Cosmetic surgery is about altering the symbols that tell lies about us.”