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Medical Esthetic Technology

Posted: June 9, 2008, from the January 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Jennifer Brodeur, co-owner and co-founder, Flip4

“Spas should have technology in use with every service that is performed, without exception. Whether used as the epicenter of a service or as an accent, no spa service can satisfy the definition of a ‘complete experience’ without the addition of technology.

“Microcurrent is best known for its traditional five-step service that is performed on the entire neck and face in a series of eight to 10 services. However, progressive manufacturers have developed innovative protocols that focus on specific areas of concern, such as expression aging, transitional aging, and fine lines and wrinkles, all of which can be performed as a one-time service. Additionally, there are many innovative new accessories—many of which are hands-free.

“Microcurrent definitely is among the strongest of noninvasive modalities and is the focal point of most progressive spa menus, layering other devices as accents around the service. Microdermabrasion is the most common and most synergetic technology to utilize with microcurrent and typically is used at the beginning of the service, prior to the microcurrent application. Afterward, oxygen infusion is recommended to assist in plumping and firming fine lines and wrinkles, as well as for complete facial oxygenation and rejuvenation.

“If you work with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist, microcurrent is a very strong partner when used side by side with today’s wide array of injectables. It is true that injectables are wonderful; however, they do very little, if anything, for skin condition, skin texture, or muscle contouring. The optimum scenario is to perform a series of microcurrent services, perform the injectable service, and then move forward to a series of microdermabrasion and oxygen-infusion services with periodic microcurrent maintenance.”