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Medical Esthetic Technology

Posted: June 9, 2008, from the January 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Danielle Tsoklis, director of education and development, Silhouet-Tone USA

“We use technology in every facet of our world to enhance our effectiveness and quality of life, so why would we deprive our industry and our clients of this potential when it comes to their skin? Purchasing esthetic devices from well-qualified manufacturers who supply proven and efficacious technology, as well as the knowledge and confidence to maximize the potential of this technology, is the best investment that you ever will make.

“Utilizing technology to accent your traditional facial, or layering two or more technologies within one service, will increase your bottom line dramatically. Not only does technology allow you to provide benefits to your clients that you only imagined, it also maximizes your spa’s financial potential, offering as much as 200% above and beyond what can be charged for traditional skin care services.

“In addition to boosting your hourly income, your image as a skin therapist quickly is elevated to becoming a technologist; a skin therapist who is knowledgeable and certified to use esthetic technology. Technologists are perceived differently than the average skin therapist, and, as a result, they are in a commanding position to prescribe a series of services utilizing technologies that ultimately will meet the client’s objective. Just as important as professional prescriptions are technoceutical prescriptions, which essentially support products that work synergistically with the technology services that are being performed. End consumers relate the products to the technology, and therefore have a much stronger reason and need to adhere to the prescriptions set forth by the technologist. This inherently leads to better and more consistent results, customer loyalty, increased product usage and, of course, increased revenue.

“At the end of the day, technology is an essential part of the definition of skin care and esthetics; embrace it, learn about it and maximize it.”