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Does Your Teen Client Want a Nose Job?—With Exclusive Teen Rhinoplasty Checklist from Sam Rizk, MD

Posted: June 2, 2011

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So if your teen is considering rhinoplasty, make sure his or her expectations are realistic. In addition to smoothing a bump, or altering a bulbous or drooping nasal tip, rhinoplasty tends to have a great emotional impact on teens, removing stress and increasing feelings of self worth. At the same time, Rizk advises that surgery is not a cure all and if deep social or emotional problems exist, the teen patient should seek professional psychological help.

Sam Rizk, MD, New York plastic surgeon, tells how to work with this delicate patient demographic, including what drives them, how to choose the right candidates and what they can expect.

Teen Rhinoplasty Checklist From New York plastic surgeon Sam Rizk, MD:

What age is rhinoplasty appropriate? For girls, usually 15–16 years old. For boys, slightly older, 16–18 years old is generally preferred.

What anesthesia is used? In most cases, general anesthesia is used for teenage patients, which puts them in a deep sleep so they will not feel anything during the operation or have any memory of it. In some cases, twilight anesthesia may be used for smaller procedures.

How long is the surgery? One to two hours is typically required.