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Does Your Teen Client Want a Nose Job?—With Exclusive Teen Rhinoplasty Checklist from Sam Rizk, MD

Posted: June 2, 2011

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Other teens seek surgery for purely aesthetic objectives. “When considering surgery for cosmetic reasons, the rhinoplasty must improve the appearance of the teen. I’m not talking about just a small little deformity. Surgery is advisable only when it is a major deformity that is affecting the teen’s self esteem, confidence and appearance,” says Rizk.

A rhinoplasty procedure can be safely and effectively performed on girls at age 14 and boys at age 15. In addition to meeting with the teen patient, a plastic surgeon must meet with the parents to ensure that all parties are in agreement and can provide the necessary support.

Teen rhinoplasties differ in several ways from surgeries for adults. Teens tend to want much more dramatic changes in the shape and size of their noses than adults do. In addition, teens heal quicker than adults and their skin is more elastic, allowing for better results and quicker recovery. Teens can expect to return to school in one week, wearing a nasal splint.

Typically, the procedure is performed during school breaks or summer vacation—often during the summer between high school and college—in order to avoid missing class. After rhinoplasty, a teen can resume exercise in two weeks and playing contact sport in six weeks.

Rizk performs more than 150 rhinoplasties a year on teens. As with surgery for adults, he uses his 3-D endoscopic high definition system, which allows for better visualization during the procedure, creating a very natural looking nose, and promoting a quicker, less painful recovery.