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Innovation: 8 Ways Laser Hair Removal Is Redefining Its Niche

By: Tracy L. Drumm
Posted: November 2, 2010, from the November 2010 issue of

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When patients come to your office once or twice, it is an experience. When they commit to a package and visit your office six times, they are forming a habit. Laser hair removal treatments increase retention rates and help turn new patients into loyal patrons. By coming to you for repeat visits, they become familiar with your practice, staff and treatment options. Selling packages is an effective way to ensure patients’ first visits don’t become a one-hit wonder or allow them to be lured away by coupons in the Sunday paper.

5. Delegation

A large factor contributing to the adoption of the newest laser hair removal technology is that the treatment can be delegated to an appropriately trained and licensed staff member. In most states, the department of health or of professional regulations allows a nurse, licensed practitioner or physician’s assistant to perform the treatment under the direct supervision of the physician. However, be sure to check with your state to ensure you are complying with all laws and regulations.

Allowing members of your staff to start generating additional revenue streams so they don’t rely solely on the physician empowers them. However, you must make sure the employees you designate to provide the treatments are thoroughly trained and offer quality treatments as their results, good or bad, will be a direct reflection of your practice.

6. Profitability plan

Before implementing a new treatment into your practice, it is best to determine your potential return on investment. Quantify the number of appointments necessary to cover the costs associated with a laser purchase, and set this as a goal. Additionally, the numbers show the importance of selling packages to patients. Bundling treatment prices helps the practice and is a wise investment for patients, as it typically takes six treatments for optimal results. A main selling point for many of the newer technologies is that by investing in a machine that offers decreased treatment times, you are increasing your profit margins.

7. High satisfaction, with the right technology

Proven results, speed and the absence of pain will most likely ensure high levels of patient satisfaction. With the right technology, patients will see the results you promised and develop confidence and trust in you and your services. These treatments can become the first step for a patient to feel at ease with your staff and comfortable to explore other procedures. If, however, you purchase a device that doesn’t deliver results, you can greatly damage your patient relationships. Carefully evaluate and test new tools to ensure what is written on the device’s glossy brochure is what you’re getting.

8. Viral value