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Hair Removal in Hard Times

By: Abby Penning
Posted: March 27, 2009, from the April 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Rebooking can’t be a decision left entirely to clients, though. “We consistently coach and train our team to focus on prebooking as one of the sales drivers we look at,” Ford explains. “Too many times, clients either just walk out or are left to make up their own minds about booking another appointment, so now we take it upon ourselves to make sure we see them again in four to six weeks. We’ve really had to train our staff that, especially in this economic climate, nothing is left unsaid. Every opportunity needs to be taken to remind clients to rebook.”

Daron focuses on the same rebooking needs and also encourages clients to return in the instance they have any issues from a treatment, which can result in follow-up services and sales opportunities. “We also send people home with products to help them maintain smooth skin and prevent ingrowns,” she explains. Referral programs can be capitalized on by sending other things home, too. “We offer refer-a-friend cards to our clients to give their friends a referral to their technician,” says McGinn. “It works out great, because it builds loyalty from the client and builds the technician’s clientele.”

Reminding clients about the sensitive nature of these treatments can be to your benefit, as well. “For what we do, it’s important to have licensed professional estheticians who specialize in hair removal services, because the client then knows the service is going to be performed by a highly trained esthetician in a sanitized environment,” says Ford. “It’s just smart to have a professional who knows what they’re doing.” Daron agrees, saying, “We just like to show people they’ve come to the right place. This is our specialty—we aren’t offering it because it’s trendy.”

In the end, quality treatments are the key. Offer good results, and you will have good clients. Law says sharing information about hair removal treatments with fellow owners is important for this reason. “I’ve always felt that other medical spa owners and physicians in the laser hair removal business are colleagues. If someone is performing laser hair removal and offering good treatments with good results, that’s a good thing. There is plenty of business to go around. But if somebody isn’t providing effective treatments and is unsafe, that’s damaging to all of us,” she explains. So staying safe and effective—no matter the method or information channel—is the surest path to dependable success.

Hair removal, the right way

Hair removal can be a tricky offering. Sensitivities, repeat visits, fickle clients and safety considerations can all be challenging. Although a continued effort is necessary on the clients’ part for the results to be maintained, spas can also create their own opportunities to encourage patronage and provide quality professional care. Knowing clients, staying safe and being willing to learn are some of the most important details to remember, and that kind of attention and helpfulness is exactly what has clients coming in every few weeks for appointments—and telling their friends about your services.