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Hair Removal in Hard Times

By: Abby Penning
Posted: March 27, 2009, from the April 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Keeping your spa and services at the top of clients’ awareness by providing discounts or deals also ensures that they will likely be coming in more often. “I have been continually running specials that help get our name out there. The more consistently these run, the more our name gets out there, the more people see us as an option. It reinforces our visibility and continues to encourage referrals to come in,” says Derenne.

However, package deals and discounts aren’t always for everyone, and it’s important to consider what your goal is when you begin putting them together. In fact, the initial cost of packages may lead some clients to pause. Law says, “It’s a really big upfront investment, and no two people will experience hair removal the same. I like to go treatment by treatment, and if you are confident with your technology and your provider, clients will come back.”

Special pricing and packages aren’t the only money savers you can offer though, and there are techniques that can be used in order to heighten clients’ awareness of different treatment options. For example, employee downtime in the spa doesn’t have to be wasted time. “We encourage our staff to cross-promote to other departments, so giving a hair technician some cards to pass out for a complimentary brow wax is a great way to introduce a new client to a different service,” says McGinn. “We also have skin interns—estheticians who are in our education program—offer complimentary makeup touchups to our hair clients. While doing their makeup consultations, the skin interns are encouraged to speak about facial waxing, and even offer a complimentary brow wax and shape to a client.”

Additionally, Derenne notes, “I do see more add-on services, and that’s a trend with the economy. It’s keeping us all rolling, and everyone is still kind of waiting to get back in a groove. The economy has a lot of people in a holding pattern, waiting to see what’s going to happen, so add-on services do encourage those people to come in and see what’s going on here in addition to their usual treatments.”

Repeat business

A definite positive of hair removal services is the need for maintenance. Derenne explains, “We encourage maintenance for outgrowth. Those are considered spot touchup treatments, so the price is lessened quite a bit, too, but I like to explain to everyone at the start of a treatment how outgrowth can appear in certain areas, and that everyone is on different cycles, so the frequency that they need to come in can be different. It’s best to be upfront with clients about the possibility of spot touchups.” Letting clients know at the outset they will likely need to make follow-up visits to maintain quality results helps further develop an esthetician-client bond.