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Performing a Quality Brazilian

By: Crickett
Posted: November 26, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Step 3. Take your client into the treatment room, and explain exactly how you need her to prepare for the service. Never assume your client knows what to do, even if she has been there before.

Step 4. Confirm the type of wax you will be performing. By the time your client gets to the spa, she may have talked herself out of the Brazilian, so it’s always good to double check.

Female bare Brazilian

Before you begin, remember that when waxing the Brazilian area, it’s best to work from the outside in. This means that waxing should start on the perimeters and work in toward the center of the body.

Another reminder: Be sure to pay attention to hair growth patterns in each area, and keep a firm pressure when applying your wax. Your job is to remove the hair, and to do this, you must coat the hair and follicle with wax. If your pressure is too light, the hair will remain and/or break off.

Step 1. Use pre-wax cleanser to cleanse the Brazilian area. If your wax protocol calls for it, apply any additional treatments to protect the skin.