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Processes of Hair Elimination

By: Abby Penning
Posted: November 25, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Much of the recent news in electric hair removal tends to center on laser treatments however, as the method is growing considerably in popularity. One reason for this, according to Louis Silberman, founder of the National Laser Institute, is the cost restrictions are actually a lot less than they used to be. “Laser is more mainstream because it became affordable to the masses,” he says. “Before, machines were costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, so spas had to price treatments outrageously just to pay for the equipment. Now that the machines are more affordable, more people are coming to see laser as a better hair removal option.”

Weighing monthly waxing services versus six months of laser treatments, many are also finding a cost benefit in electric hair removal. “The average consumer is doing their homework now, and they can see that laser hair removal can be cheaper in the long term than waxing,” Silberman says. The upfront time and cost expense is something these clients are willing to forfeit now in order to reap the benefits later.

But to go electric, should you choose electrolysis or laser treatments? Brown says you don’t have to decide, explaining that the methods can work in harmony. “Laser doesn’t treat white, gray or colorless hairs because it responds to the melanin coloring in the hair,” she says. “Electrolysis can treat any color, so using laser to do the larger sections, and then going back and getting the grey or white hairs with electrolysis works well, but electrolysis isn’t as feasible for large areas. It is good for smaller areas, such as the eyebrows, because you do have to go into each follicle one by one. That makes it difficult to do electrolysis on the full legs and back.”

However, some clients still may be skittish at the thought of doing away with hair forever. Silberman recommends weighing the options and helping your client to pick and choose a selection that is right for them. “Trends do change, so some people are nervous that they won’t like not having the hair when that happens,” he says. “But then they can choose what they do want permanently gone—like the underarms or the bikini area.”

Permanent hair removal isn’t only of interest to women, however. “More men are interested in laser hair removal and we recommend them to an area plastic surgeon who offers it,” says Dayan. This, of course, brings up the need for training and professionalism when offering these high-tech services. In many states across the nation, laser use in the spa setting is still unregulated. However, for best results, training is a must. When people start zapping around without knowing what they’re doing, Silberman warns, injuries can happen, and you can quickly turn a loyal client into an angry one. Invest in training before offering these laser and electrolysis services because it will pay off later.