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8 Ways to Discuss Facial Hair Removal With Clients

By: Siân Morris, PhD
Posted: August 1, 2011, from the August 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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This will serve as a guide about what methods to recommend for removal. Facial hair type is based on the texture, not the color.

  • Fine-textured facial hair can be seen primarily in daylight, and is thin and soft to the touch, much like the skin of a peach.
  • Medium-textured facial hair may be more noticeable on the upper lip and can be found on the chin, jaw line and sometimes around the lip line. It is thicker than fine hair, but is still soft to the touch, as on a kiwi fruit.
  • Coarse-textured facial hair typically appears randomly on the cheeks, upper lip and under the chin. It is thicker, stiff to the touch and more stubborn to remove, similar to the fuzz on a coconut.

6. Share options best suited for your clients’ lifestyles.

Factors clients may consider in choosing a hair removal method include: the amount of time required, frequency of maintenance, post-procedure condition of skin, cost, level of discomfort and, whether they prefer to remove hair themselves or have it done professionally. It’s important to respect all these concerns.

Cream hair removal products and shaving. These are options for those who want a method that is easy, can be done at home, is inexpensive and offers minimal discomfort. It does require a time investment to make the process part of their regular and frequent beauty regimen.

Electrolysis and laser removal. These are options if you are working with clients who are seeking more permanent hair removal methods, are not overly concerned about cost and are willing to experience discomfort to gain the end result.

Threading. This method is quick and inexpensive, performed by removing facial hair by twisting it between taut cotton threads. Results can last up to six weeks.