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8 Ways to Discuss Facial Hair Removal With Clients

By: Siân Morris, PhD
Posted: August 1, 2011, from the August 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Myth: Blond hair is considered fine-textured, and brown or black hair is considered medium- or coarse-textured facial hair.

Fact: To determine facial hair type, rely on the texture rather than the color. By deciding if a client has fine-, medium- or coarse-textured facial hair, you may then discuss removal options that are best suited for her.

Myth: Facial hair removal procedures leave skin rough and dry.

Fact: Many common facial hair removal methods may result in rough, dry skin, but this is often due to the lack of regular exfoliation and moisturizing before hair removal. Work with clients to ensure that their skin is in the proper condition before they undergo facial hair removal.

Myth: Common hair removal creams remove hair from the root.