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8 Ways to Discuss Facial Hair Removal With Clients

By: Siân Morris, PhD
Posted: August 1, 2011, from the August 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Clients share the latest dish about their careers, relationships and daily life with their estheticians; however, there are beauty issues they may want to discuss, but are either too shy to bring them up or don’t know how to start the conversation. You are the beauty authority in their eyes, so take that opportunity and responsibility to heart when performing your role.

A topic that can be sensitive for many women to discuss is facial hair and its removal. To strengthen and grow your client relationships, it’s wise to be aware of trends and techniques in removal methods that will help enhance their self-image. Clients will appreciate your knowledge and attentiveness to their overall beauty needs. Following are eight ways to engage your clients in conversation about facial hair growth and removal.

1. Female facial hair is an issue.

Women want to talk about their facial hair and find ways to remove it. A 2010 P&G Beauty survey of 6,600 women 18 and older revealed that unwanted facial hair is as big a beauty concern as fine lines and wrinkles. The survey found:

2. Know your clients well.

Familiarity with clients’ lifestyles, daily beauty regimens, time constraints and overall personalities can help you assess ways to better advise them about beauty care options that enhance their self-image. As you build a trust-based bond throughout time, you also learn how best to approach different topics of conversation, such as facial hair removal.

Is the client typically confident, unafraid to try new techniques and open about her personal self-image needs? Or, is she a little shy about changing her appearance and reserved in conversation about grooming and beauty concerns? Understanding clients’ comfort levels when talking about their own needs and wants will provide direction about how to approach issues such as facial hair.

3. Learn more about facial hair removal options.