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9 Tips to Attract Laser Hair Removal Clients

By: Elise Oberliesen
Posted: October 27, 2010, from the November 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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4. Hire a marketing professional

Nick Zivolich co-owns Florida-based No Limit Marketing & Advertising, a business that helps clients grow their businesses with marketing and advertising campaigns. Armed with his strategic advice, Zivolich helps laser hair removal business owners zap the competition by suggesting low-cost and no-cost advertising ideas. Although it requires upfront spending, he says that when done correctly, marketing and advertising investments often help spas recoup those dollars through the acquisition of new clients.

Is it necessary to work with an ad or marketing agency with spa-specific experience? “If an agency has experience bringing results to other similar businesses, then it absolutely makes sense,” Zivolich says. With two medical spa clients, he was able to create turnkey marketing plans that adjust to his other medical spa clients, as well. But finding such experience isn’t always possible. Trust is the most vital component when working with a marketing professional. Pick a professional who presents a sound game plan, has done the homework and makes you feel as though they will help you maximize your return on investment, says Zivolich.

5. Opt for low- or no-cost ads

Who said nothing in life is free? That was before social media. “There’s no question that all businesses should take advantage of social media. Anything you can do for free to promote your business should be done,” Zivolich says.