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Save Time With the Skin and Hair Express Treatment

By: Lydia Sarfati
Posted: May 1, 2013, from the May 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The Skin and Hair Express Treatment

The Skin and Hair Express Treatment.

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Promote retail products and full-length services. Your team also should promote products during the services. Once a client’s skin analysis is done, immediately grab the suggested retail products, bring them to your station and talk about the products while you are administering the treatment. A benefit of the beauty bar concept is that it is done with the clients sitting-up so they can see the products you are using.

In addition, because express treatments tend to be less expensive than full-length services, clients are more apt to purchase a retail product. Once the results are experienced from the express treatment and at-home care products, it will open the door for a conversation about full-length services with clients who may not have otherwise been reached.

A plan of attack. When adding a new treatment to your service menu, discuss your plan of action on how it is going to make you, your skin care facility and your employees more money. By bridging hair and skin care services, your hair and skin care team members can work together to provide as many services as possible to each client in a minimum amount of time.

For facilities that don’t already offer hair services, consider adding it through an express treatment to accommodate your clients’ needs.

In some cases, hair specialists don’t want to do skin services and vice versa. If that is the case in your facility, have an esthetician who is dedicated to working the salon floor and the beauty bar area. This way, if a client comes in and wants to have a facial treatment while she is receiving a thermal hair mask or having her color touched up, this esthetician can escort her to the facial bar while it processes. You also can offer your hair and skin team members incentives for booking a treatment outside of their department by paying them a percentage of the service each time they book.

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